At the end of Romans 3, Paul gives the definition of justification in God’s way and in chapter four he presents Abraham as the example of this justification. Romans 5:1-11 should be regarded as the conclusion of Paul’s teaching on justification. This conclusion reveals the result, the issue of justification. These eleven verses enumerate many wonderful items that are the outcome of our being justified by God.

In Romans 5:1-11 Paul mentions six outstanding words: love, grace, peace, hope, life, and glory. The love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit (v. 5). We have access into this grace in which we stand (v. 2). Since we have been justified by faith we have peace toward God (v. 1). Following this, we boast, exult, and glory in hope (v. 2). Verse 10 tells us that we shall be saved in His life. Finally, we expect to share the glory of God (v. 2). These six items are part of the result of God’s justification. Do you want God’s love and grace? Do you desire peace and hope? Do you want to share the divine, eternal life of God and be in His glory? For all of these matters you need justification. All of them are our portion as the issue of God’s justification.

Along with these six significant words, we have three wonderful Persons. (Although I do not like the term “Persons” because it has been inaccurately understood in the teachings on the Trinity, yet, there is no term more adequate in our human language to use in relation to the Godhead.) In Romans 5:1-11 we see the three Persons of the Triune God. Verse 5 speaks of the Holy Spirit, telling us that the Holy Spirit has poured out the love of God into our heart. Then verse 6 tells us that while we were yet weak and ungodly, Christ died for us. Finally, verse 11 says that now we boast in God. The King James Version reads, “joy in God,” meaning that God has become our enjoyment. We joy, boast, exult, and glory in God because He is our enjoyment. Thus, Romans 5 unveils six wonderful things and three wonderful Persons. We have love, grace, peace, hope, life, and glory. As a result of God’s justification, we have the Holy Spirit, Christ, and God as our enjoyment. Oh, this portion of the Word is so rich! We need a great many messages to cover it adequately.


Originally, we were not only sinners, but also enemies of God. Through the redeeming death of Christ, God has justified us, the sinners, and has reconciled us, His enemies, to Himself (5:1, 10-11). This transpired when we believed in the Lord Jesus. We have received God’s justification and reconciliation by faith. This has opened the way and ushered us into the realm of grace for the enjoyment of God.


In the realm of grace the first thing we enjoy is the love of God. “The love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us” (5:5). Many times in our Christian life we need encouragement and confirmation. As we pass through periods of suffering, we may have questions and doubts. Perhaps you say, “Why are there so many troubles in my Christian life? Why are there so many trials and tests?” We may have such questions and doubts about our circumstances. Although these doubts arise, we cannot deny that the love of God is within us. From the day we first called on the Lord Jesus, the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. This means that the Spirit reveals, confirms, and assures us with the love of God. The indwelling Holy Spirit seems to say, “Don’t doubt. God loves you. You don’t understand why you must suffer now, but one day you will say, ‘Father, I thank You for the troubles and trials which I passed through.’” When you enter the gate of eternity, you will say, “Praise the Lord for the sufferings and tests which fell upon me on my journey. God used them to transform me.”

Oh, the love of God has been poured into our hearts! Although we may be afflicted, poor, and depressed, we cannot deny the presence of God’s love within us. Can we deny that Christ died for us? Christ died for ungodly sinners such as we. Once we were enemies, but Christ shed His blood on the cross to reconcile us to God. What love is this! If God has given us His own Son, surely He will not do anything to hurt us. God is sovereign. He knows what is best for us. The choice is His, not ours. Regardless of our preference, what God has planned for us will be our portion. Everything related to us has been prepared by our Father. We should simply pray, “Lord, have your way. I simply want what You want. I leave everything entirely in Your hands.” This is our response to God when we realize afresh that He loves us so and that His love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.