Subject Two


Scripture: Gen. 1

  1. The universe is a mystery:
    For centuries people have regarded the universe as a mystery. You need to search out their presumptions with which they attempt to explain this mystery.
    This is a point that can touch people, so the more good material you have, the better.
  2. Can the universe be meaningless?
    Point out numerous principles of physics and other matters to prove that the universe is not meaningless. If a man’s house is decorated, orderly, and meaningful, how much more meaningful is the universe created by God, which is so bright, so comely, and arranged in such an orderly fashion. For instance, the earth revolves on its axis every twenty-four hours, the sun and the moon rise according to certain set times, and there are so many beautiful days and scenic places. Can all these things be meaningless?
  3. The universe is the proof of God’s existence:
    The greatest meaning of the universe is to prove the existence of God.
    1. The scriptural basis: Psa. 19:1-2; Rom. 1:20; Acts 14:15-17; 17:23-31.
    2. These four passages show us that the meaning of the universe is to prove the existence of God.
    3. The material for this subject can be used together with that of the previous subject, “The Origin of the Universe,” along with examples of all kinds of phenomena to prove God’s existence.
  4. The universe is the manifestation of God’s glory:
    Psalm 19 says that God’s glory is the manifestation of God in six aspects:
    1. The greatness of the universe: so great is the universe that even today no one could tell how great it is. A man viewing the ocean from a big ship is just like a little fish in the ocean. The greatness of the universe manifests the greatness of God.
    2. The wonder of the universe: the arrangement and movement of the stars and also the distinction of the four seasons manifest how wonderful God is.
    3. The brightness of the universe: the brightness of the sun, the moon, and the stars declares that God is a God of light.
    4. The beauty of the universe: mornings and evenings; flowers, grass, and trees; mountains and rivers; picturesque views—these and all the pleasant and inspiring scenery—are manifestations of God’s beauty.
    5. Lovingkindness: God’s arrangement and preparation of the universe for mankind and His provision for man’s every need show God’s lovingkindness toward men.
    6. Wisdom: the greatness, wonder, brightness, and beauty of the universe also manifest that God is a God of wisdom.
      These two subjects are to make people realize the existence of God and to make them know what kind of a God this God is. According to the subjects, you are talking about the origin and the meaning of the universe, but actually you are talking about God.